Business Development

This segment helps clients address business-driven issues that are technical in nature. Specifically, issues where it is critical to have a deep understanding of business/technical issues and how they relate to each other. Further, our consultants routinely address such issues as: risk management, asset management, supply chain management.  

            Business Engineering

In this division we assist entrepreneurs and new businesses alike in the development of essential business resources. Our services include: Business Plan Development, Marketing Plan Development, Operating Plan Development,Financial Statements Development, Capital Development  Questions to explore before you start the business.

            Business Reengineering

We analyze a business to determine what changes may be needed in order to improve a company's performance and bottom line. This type of strategic analysis helps a company to maximize its' market value within the context of its industry and the societies in which it operates.  Our services include:  Change strategy, TQM, CRM, ERM etc.

Business Development inquiries

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