MY CC is a service sponsored by Cowan Consulting, LC, one of the leading professional services and consulting firms in the United States. The  resources on the site can give you more personal control over your business affairs at less cost. Among the services available through this site:

Using MY CC you can produce your own  drafts in minutes at fixed prices. Some forms may include a free limited consultation with a Cowan Consulting, LC Consultant. MY CC provides complete templates supported by educational videos, detailed instructions and informative overviews.

Cowan Consulting, LC  consultants provide answers to your business questions submitted by email using our Ask-A-Consultant feature. You can also request a Cowan Consulting, LC  consultant to review your business case under our Case Review option. Finally, you can have your  form drafts reviewed by a Cowan Consulting, LC consultant at a fixed price using our Form Review Service.

Media: MY CC provides access to our library of eBooks, eGuides, Audio/Video Tutorials and Software.All of which can be easily downloaded.

Subscriptions: You can purchase an annual discounted subscription allowing access to all our service libraries for one full year.

We believe this service will help you get the business advice you need more quickly and at less cost - not just a little faster and slightly less expensive, but substantially faster and a lot less expensive.For further information click here, FAQ or contact us here.

Coming Soon!
Cowan Consulting, LC will host "The MY CC Radio Show",  The one hour show will be  carried live and on the Internet. Click here to listen.