Cowan Consulting, LC-MNC Development, Inc. Partnership

New technologies and business models can transform how the development community serves people in need. Our MNC Development, Inc. Partnership helps organizations in this sector dramatically increase their impact in the areas they serve. By applying the talents of our people, capabilities and experience, we are empowering our clients, to improve thousands of lives. Together with our clients, we are building momentum to change the world and bringing us closer to achieving sustainable SMART technology and Green development goals. By tapping into the best of MNC Development, Inc., our ecosystem, global reach, extensive capabilities, cross-industry perspectives and our skilled workforce—we can provide end-to-end solutions.

Today, organizations must navigate an increasingly non static environment to continue to solve complex challenges, deliver services and protect people. To ensure success, investment in environmental transformation must go beyond technology adoption and deeper into the fabric of what this firm and MNC Development, Inc. do enabling people and organizational change. Adopting change will allow MNC Development, Inc. and this firm to more effectively help diverse communities grow and thrive.

MNC Development, Inc.-SMART/Green housing technology solutions