Digital Asset Protection

Cowan Consulting, LC has merged traditional asset management and protection with high-technology capabilities to create the technological expertise essential for stemming digital losses and identifying cyber culprits.. Security policies are the foundation for building a secure and viable infrastructure for protecting corporate assets, both informational and physical. An effective policy is developed in response to a client’s business culture and needs, and includes policies for the appropriate use of the Internet and email; passwords; systems administrator privileges; document retention procedures; web filtering; formalized anti-virus measures; acceptable use policies; and the level of privileges. Subject to ongoing review, measurement and revision, these procedures and protocols safeguard the corporation’s competitive edge by supplying the underpinnings for identifying and controlling sensitive information. They also establish guidelines to avoid vulnerabilities in doing business in a global economy. Moreover, in the event an intrusion does occur, security policies form the basis of demonstrating that corporate due diligence obligations were taken seriously, while also establishing a solid foundation for responding, investigating and taking legal action against the persons or entities responsible for the intrusion.