Our forensic computer specialists, skilled technicians, and seasoned financial and corporate investigators — are experienced in the broad range of investigative, analytical and forensic techniques necessary for collecting, accessing and reconstructing data from computers, internal networks, log files (data and firewall), internet sites, virtual private networks (VPN), email servers and personal digital assistants (PDA). By using advanced searching techniques and analytical procedures, our forensic investigative team can recover files and emails that have been deleted, erased, hidden, reformatted or partially over-written. Specialized software is used to access files that are password protected and to identify file names and extensions that have been disguised. Hard disks are installed at our labs on specially designed workstations that allow the forensic team to view the copied disk and to run applications exactly as they would appear in a native operating environment. Our forensic team reconstructs not only files, but browser histories, cookie files, calendars, email history, zip files, downloads and other pertinent information, providing a snapshot of how the computer was used.