Cowan Consulting, LC believes in preparing for tomorrow today. Hence, we offer 1 to 2 semester long internships to undergraduate, graduate and professional students. See our intern job description. The General program consists of 2 rotations within a specific business segment: Legal, Internet, IT or Business Development, with each segment consisting of two sub-sets. Or, the extern may compete for placement in our elite Star program which consists of 2 rotations within each of our four business segments. In the General program interns will spend 60 % of their time in the sub-set of choice and 40% in the remaining area. In the Star program, externs will spend 40% of their time in a segment of choice and 20% each in the remaining segments.

This rotation program fosters a better understanding of our business and allows the student an opportunity to fine tune their interests and explore additional options. This experience will also promote a greater cross-functional dynamic and improve the overall impact of the student’s contribution. The workload will include assisting consultants on projects, pilot assignments, weekly administrative tasks, and attending training sessions and company events. In addition, each student will be assigned a business mentor that will be responsible for aiding the student with formal and informal work issues during the program. Mentors will be required to meet with the intern once per week.


Applicants must be enrolled in a part-time or full-time academic program at an accredited institution during the internship period. Students majoring in E-Business, Law, Finance, Graphic/Video Design, Real Estate, Journalism, Film, Business, Web Development, Software Engineering and Information Technology are preferred, but all majors are welcome. At the end of the initial semester externs will be given a performance evaluation. If the intern receives a satisfactory evaluation they will be allowed to continue their internship in the next semester if they so choose.


Interns are required to work a minimum of twelve (12) hours per week, which may include Saturday for each semester commitment. Virtual assignments are available. Qualified students are required to be enrolled in a full-time or part-time accredited academic program during the internship period. Students must be able to earn academic course credit upon successful completion of the internship. The internship is unpaid and employment is not promised or guaranteed upon completion of the internship.


Interns will receive academic credit for each successfully completed semester. In addition, they will earn valuable work experience and training.

How to Apply

To apply for an internship please forward a cover letter, writing sample and resume to The application period is open year round.