Network Security

We work with our clients to optimize network security and to mitigate vulnerabilities based on a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business requirements. Our security experts utilize proprietary methodologies to ensure that enterprise-wide solutions are implemented consistent with the client’s business, values, priorities, information infrastructure, and security objectives. The network experts at Cowan Consulting, LC provide clients a broad range of services for developing a secure online presence for both e-business and e-commerce environments. We design secure information infrastructures that require the building of a secure physical and hardware architecture; an assessment of the operating system; determining the existence and levels of access controls for resources and system capabilities; analyzing data transmission and storage; and evaluating the stability and security of all points of access to a network, single machine or higher privileges.Based on the priorities established by both our client’s business and technical teams, our security specialists will design and implement a secure e-commerce architecture that includes an analysis of: vulnerabilities in the systems architecture; potential internal and external threats; an evaluation of network and host security options; and the development of an effective business continuity plan. Cowan Consulting, LC provides the following services: Network & Systems Assessment Intrusion Detection Systems Secure Remote Access Firewalls Controlled Penetration (“white hat”) Testing Incident Response and Forensics Security Policies and Management Virtual Private Networks Perimeter Security Monitoring Security Assessments and Auditing