If you cannot make it to an onsite training session you can enjoy our training via video and/or a live/archived webcast. Video: Computers Made Easy-This video takes it from the very beginning. We get a brief history of computers and the Internet. It explains why you need a computer, how it can benefit your everyday life, and your business. We explain what to look for when purchasing a computer. We open the computer look inside and learn to name, recognize, and explain the functions of all the parts. This video is a must have for new comers to computers. Windows Made Easy-This video walks you through Microsoft Windows. Windows is the first program you have to learn because it controls your computer and all other software you will use on your computer. In this video you learn how to move around your computer comfortable. You learn to safely turn your computer off. You learn to create folders and documents, open, close, save, and print. You learn how to install programs and hardware. Microsoft Office Made Easy-This video gives you an overview of Microsoft office which includes:MS Word,MS Excel, MS Outlook, and Powerpoint. This office suite is there first thing employers look for on a resume.The combination of all these programs makes you an asset to any office . . . especially your own! Internet Made Easy-This video explains the history of the Internet. The video shows you what you need to get connected and how to do it. You’ll learn how to search and actually find what you need. You’ll learn how to email and how to use chatrooms. Learn about shopping online and much more. This video is your link to a whole new world‚Ķcyberspace! Computers For Kids-Give your children the advantage they need to survive in the digital age! This video designed especially for kids will make learning fun and simple for any child. Kids will learn the parts of the computer for homework , research, and school reports. They will learn about surfing the Internet safely, and basic care of the computer. Don’t let your child be left out of the digital revolution. Live/archived webcast-we broadcast (with real audio/video) every training session and allow our students to log on with a password if they are unable to make it to class.