Here are some reasons clients typically enlist our help:

1) They need objectivity 2)They need fresh ideas 3) They need skills and experience they don’t have but we do 4) It’s easier to get money for consultants than for headcount since we only get paid per project 5) Their people don’t have time and it’s easier to go outside than find the resources inside 6) It’s how they’ve always gotten things done.

Businesses oftentimes need to employ objective view points to help them move forward with critical decisions. All businesses who want to be successful and grow are in search of fresh ideas. Oftentimes it is difficult to cultivate them from within and can be more cost effective (time and money wise) to secure them from outside the company. 

Our consultants are the best and brightest in terms of their acquired skill sets and backgrounds. People resources are valuable and costly to secure. When additional resources are needed for business initiatives it is sometimes easier to secure temporary professionals who have a fixed, limited cost.

Management typically wants to have external specialists solve specific problems rather than the company’s generalists. Cowan Consulting, LC incessantly delivers results above and beyond client expectations. Clients typically say that our consultants are a balance between business opposites. On one hand they are sympathetic team players who would do anything to see a client succeed. On the other hand, they are objective, detached, brutally honest teammates who help clients make hard decisions. In sum, our consultants hold you together, but they also tear you apart.